The heart of every headphone is the earpads.  Pads shape the comfort, quality and sound of every headphone.   

Our earpads fit not only ZMF Headphones, but many other headphone shapes, sizes and makes.  


ZMF Earpads are made from the highest quality materials.  Premium thick lambskin, ultra soft cowhide, buttery suede highlight our pads shells.  These are just as fun to touch with your hands as they are to listen to with headphones.


Utilizing premium visco and slow rebound foams, ZMF pads are constructed from two types of foam per earpad to maximize the seal on your headphone.  The result is more sonic waves are sent to the ear.


ZMF pads were designed by a headphone manufacturer and are not copies of other manufacturer's designs.  This means you get optimal sonic performance from designs that were made to sound good, not just look like they fit the part.


Coming in numerous materials and sizes, ZMF Earpads can transform your headphones acoustic landscape and comfort.  Numerous diameters, depths and inner diameter ear cut-outs makes it so you can get the earpad you need for just about any full sized headphone.


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Click on the pad title below for info and compatibility for each ZMF pad.

NOTE: Vegan users! Fear not, our headphones all can come in 100% vegan form. On the options page of any headphone, just select the vegan option to also get the headband and headband covers in vegan suede.