ZMF Cables are made with attention to detail and quality to match the prestige of ZMFheadphones.   

ZMF cables are made for most major headphone brands!


Our japanese OFC wire is an easy choice for an ultra durable, 4 conductor with microphone shield cable. Check out the metal custom ZMF splitter!


The ZMF Atmos C and S, in copper and silver plating respectively, is a great light-weight portable litz cable that improves sound quality while taking off the fat.


The silver MICHANIKÓS cable is a crowd pleaser, with super transparent coating that makes this cable into a piece of audio jewelry. To cut down on any possible zest from the silver, we added an insulation TPE core.


Our flagship wire, the 2K copper cable, you get 513 strands of copper litz per conductor for a total of 2052 strands per 4 conductor cable. This is the ultimate “easy” yet detailed sounding cable.

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Get any Michanikos or 2K cable with our custom wood jacks for ZMFs. Now available in snakewood and african blackwood.