Something I have found is how natural the Vibro sounds, it’s like this is how the T50RP was always meant to sound, with wooden housing and Zach’s magic dust at one with the driver. The Vibro has a bold and smooth sound with a strong mid-bass and airy vocals. The Blackwood is neutral with an elevated sub-bass.
— Sonny Trigg,

Solid Wood

Solid wood means solid sound.  Each ear-cup precision CNC routed from a block of premium forestry.

Adjustable Bass

By adding or removing rubber dowels from the bass ports, you can add or subtract 3-4 DB of bass.

Planar Magnetic

Utilizing Fostex's famous t50 drivers, you get true Planar Magnetic punch, clarity and sonic "life."


Pivoting Earcups

With adjustable risers and a pivoting earcup design, the ZMF Vibro and Blackwood always bring the comfort.

The ZMF x Vibro MK II was born when Fostex moved from the T50rp MK II to the T50rp MK III.

The ZMF x Vibro MK II was born when Fostex moved from the T50rp MK II to the T50rp MK III.

True Musicality

The ZMF X Vibro MK I was known for it's ultimate musicality with punchy mid-bass, natural midrange, and smooth treble.  The ZMF x Vibro MK II builds on the MK I legacy by utilizing a similar "down-slope" frequency response pattern, but adding "tilt" for a cleaner presentation. 

Similar Response, Different Presentation

VS the MK I Vibro the MK II has:

  • A wider and deeper soundstage for more pin-pointing of "stage-cues."
  • Less "thickness" to the mid and upper bass as well as the mid-range.
  • A greater sense of "air."
  • More sub-bass presence.
  • A more neutral presentation while remaining "fun."

Is MK II a better headphone than the MK I?

As with anything headphones, it all depends on who you ask.  I find them both immensely enjoyable, and they do share many of the same characteristics.  They are both exceptional headphones with a different presentation but a similar frequency response pattern.

Hard.  Wood.

The Blackwood series uses only the finest solid exotic hardwoods.  This imparts incredible technicalities,  musical depth, and engaging timbre that only dense wood can bring.


  • Superior Bass and treble Extension

  • Rounder, Natural, Deeper Sound-stage

  • Perfect balance with Neutral Mids, Boosted Sub-Bass and extended Peak-less treble = AWESOME.

  • ZMF driver mods ensure low distortion and fast decay.


A revolving set of Exotic and beautiful woods is used for the ZMF Blackwood.  Be sure to check in often to see what's being used!

Why not use the MK III baffle for the Blackwood?

  • We are so happy with the sound of the Blackwood that we found it more important to retain the aural landscape of the Blackwood VS the slight aesthetic upgrade of the new baffle.




  • Every ZMF Headphone can be purchased with a Waterproof, dustproof, and accident proof Seahorse SE-300 Case.