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In this product guide you will find company info, product care notes and video’s and FAQ on how to care for your ZMFheadphones!

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ZMFheadphones are hand assembled out of premium materials at our workshop just outside of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Our small team is expertly trained to make our unique, heirloom wood headphones. Each headphone is unique and built with love and care. Please reach out if you ever have questions or concerns about the aesthetics or sound of your hand crafted headphones!


All of our headphones use easily replaceable parts of the highest quality. Wood, leather, aluminum, magnesium and a few injection moulded and/or 3d printed parts.


ZMFheadphones are engineered to extreme durability standards with proprietary parts and damping techniques. Each headphone is carefully tuned utilizing a state of the art Audio Precision system with an AECM206, APX515 and APX1701.


Our famous ZMF Earpads made from the most premium thick lambskin, ZMF suede, protein and Cowhide are used on all ZMFheadphones and they also fit an array of other headphone models. They are easily user-replaceable and allow the user to cater each headphone to their specific tastes. To learn more about ZMF Pads visit our pads page.


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Click on the pad title below for info and compatibility for each ZMF pad.

NOTE: Vegan users! Fear not, our headphones all can come in 100% vegan form. On the options page of any headphone, just select the vegan option to also get the headband and headband covers in vegan suede.