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The "michanikós" is our first foray in silver cables and to make sure we got the sound right for our tastes we experimented with many different arrays before settling on this unique 133 strand pattern with an inner insulator to streamline musical data straight to your headphones. 

The wire is silver plated 5N OCC copper with silver plating.  This creates a natural yet brighter response than our OCC Copper wires without the silver content.   By using more finer wires and an inner insulation strand we found the sharpness of silver was smoothed out while retaining deep inner resolution.    The ZMF silver michanikós wire is your mechanic, fixing your chain so it just works without fatigue, with all the detail you've ever wanted.

Eidolic end plugs are available for an added $25 USD.  More splitter and plug options will be available soon.

Current headphone choices for the Silver michanikós:

  • ZMF/Audeze

  • Focal/Klipsch/Sony 3.5mm

  • Focal Utopia

  • Hifiman 2.5mm

  • Sennheiser HD Series

  • Mr Speakers

For other brand compatibility send us an email!  

Eidolic Amp Plug?:
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