Vérité Ziricote

Vérité Ziricote

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LTD Edition Ziricote - Limited to 30 Units

There really is no other wood like Ziricote. It’s spider-webbed, ink lined and dotted grain, and hazel eyed hue lends a beauty to this smooth textured wood. The density is superior, and small pores make for an extremely fast sound that reminds of African Blackwood and weighs a bit less. These Vérité’s are turning out to be fast and spacious sounding, with an extra resolve that only comes from super dense wood. The LTD Edition Ziricote Vérité is something extra special!

Weight: Approx 475 - 495g

Vérité - ˌ/veriˈtā/

Vérité is a term often used in film and television as a style that emphasizes reality, naturalism, and a sense of truth. With the Vérité, ZMF has created a headphone that brings the ultimate truth to audio.  With the utmost speed, accuracy, and heightened dynamic range, the Vérité will immerse the listener in a truly revealing audio eden. With an all new Beryllium coated PEN driver unique to ZMF, a featherweight magnesium chassis, and our most complex acoustic design yet, the Vérité gives you everything you’ve ever wanted from an open, full sized headphone.

Enjoy your own personal audio Vérité.


  • ZMF OFC Cable

  •    Universe Pads and Vérité pads

  • Choice of Black Aluminum, Brass or Polished Steel Grilles

  • Lifetime Driver Warranty

  • ZMF LTD Mahogany Case

Head-Fi Thread

SBAF Thread

NOTE:  If choosing an upgrade cable, you will receive the stock cable as well.  Only one discounted upgrade cable can be purchased as a bundle with your Vérité. All upgrade cables come with a ZMF splitter and either black sleeving or bare wire. All upgrade cable lengths are 5.5 FT.

Ship date: 3-6 weeks.

ZMF has dealers throughout the world, see our dealers page.

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