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“Salire” is ZMF’s headphone stand. Designed in an upward arch, it’s fitting that we use the Italian word for “rise” as the design for the stand is based on classic European architecture.

The Salire can hold two headphones or a headphone and a cable, or whatever you want to wrap around the radiused arches. The design keeps in mind that headphone pads should not be compressed with force, especially when visco memory foam is used in order to keep your earpads fresh.

The Salire is in stock and ships within 72 hours of ordering. Wood choices will rotate periodically and are listed in the drop down menu.

Base Measurement: 5” x 6” - Rectangle

Stand Measurement: 5” x 1” x 13.5” (L x W x H)

Ships in two pieces and includes hardware and a hex key for easy assembly.

WOOD NOTE: We cannot guarantee all stands will have exact wood grain appearance as pictured. Wood varied by nature and as such we can take your aesthetic requests into account, but the delivered product cannot be guaranteed to meet the request.

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