ZMF auteur 2k Copper

ZMF auteur 2k Copper

from 399.99

Now improved with quieter, more flexible coating, litz enameled wire.

ZMF's most advanced cable features 511 strands of 7N OCC copper per conductor.  When used in a four wire array you get 2044 strands of finely woven 7N copper for the easiest, clearest, most natural sounding cable upgrade we've ever heard.

The auteur 2K copper wire was developed with extensive testing where we found that smaller finer strands of wire just sounded the most natural and non-fatiguing while adding micro detail galore.

All Eidolic jacks are available for an added $100 USD.  All wood jacks and splitter are available for $200. For the XLR version with all wood jacks an Eidolic XLR plug will be used.

Current headphone choices for the ZMF 2K copper:

  • ZMF/Audeze

  • Focal/Klipsch/Sony 3.5mm

  • Focal Utopia

  • Hifiman 2.5mm

  • Sennheiser HD Series

  • Mr Speakers

For other brand compatibility send us an email!  


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