ZMF Auteur Pads

ZMF Auteur Pads



The ZMF Auteur Pad, our largest round pad with the largest ear opening which was developed for its namesake, the ZMF Auteur. The Auteur pads are the same 111mm diameter as the Eikon pads but with a larger ear opening. This earpad and works great in its "natural" un-perforated version on the ZMF Eikon, giving it a further push towards linear. The Auteur pads use 6 LB Visco foam and premium lambskin covering for a luxurious feel and the perfect amount of cushion. Like our other pads the outer sleeving is flexible and will attach to most large round headphones. Sold in pairs.


4.3" Diameter

Ear Cavity: 2.83 x 2.28 in (72 x 58 mm)

Tallest height: 1.00" Shortest Height: 3/4"

Fits Audeze and other similar sized headphones.

All ZMF pad sales are final. No returns, refunds, or exchanges.

International Customers (outside USA): USPS first class is $14.99 for shipping, but takes 2-8 weeks for delivery, maybe longer and tracking is not reliable. Please use Fed-Ex if you need your pads quickly. See our FAQ page for more shopping info.

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