Terrific sub-bass that blooms into a rich and dynamic mid-bass; settling down into clean lower-mids that show little to no bass-bleed nor boomyness; a wonderfully elegant mid-range that is both detailed and fluid, delivering a very analog-like sound that is reminiscent of vinyl; upper mids are lively but never peaky or strident; and highs that dissipate smoothly without any sudden roll-off.
— Warren Chi, Head-fi.org

So solid

Ori cups are made out of 100% solid wood. Every type of wood species has a specific pore structure, density, and texture that imparts a unique musical sound that plastic headphones cannot capture.

Musical Vibrations

The ZMF Ori baffle is a carefully calculated thickness made out of acrylic. Its thin, stiff structure allows vibration for impact and texture, much the way finely tuned acoustic guitars will vibrate when played.

Semi Open Semi Closed

About 85% closed and 15% open, the Ori gives you the depth and immediacy of a closed headphone, with the space and air of an open headphone.  Ori has deep bass, and extended airy treble.

Musical. Detailed.

The Ori's are tuned for musical enjoyment, detail, and extension.  Although incredibly rich and smooth, the Ori's pull incredible amounts of detail and have micro and macro dynamics that come from our special tuning process.



All Around Sound

When you buy a headphone, you don't want it to handle just a few genres well.  You want a music slayer that will grab your music files and teach them a lesson, showing them how good they can really sound.  Just linear enough, just musical enough, with a completely natural timbre.  That is what the ZMF sound is all about, and that is what you will get with the ZMF Flagship, the Ori.

Q:  What does the frequency response look like?

 It is important to note that these measurements are taken on our own rig, and therefore cannot be compared to measurements taken on other rigs. 

Attributes like timbre, sound-stage, and impact among other qualities cannot be solely determined through the graph below.


 Art.        Sound.         Experience.

Every ZMF headphone is carefully assembled, tuned, and inspected by me, Zach Mehrbach.   The Ori is the pinnacle of the ZMF experience in that it is the culmination of years of research and design that ZMF Headphones has completed.  Each headphone comes with custom options that has made owning a ZMF Headphone a uniquely personal experience.   We hope you enjoy the Ori, it has been a challenging and rewarding project that we are excited to release into the headphone universe.