DO you ship worldwide?

YES!  We ship via DHL and USPS, and highly recommend using DHL Express for international shipping, the speed is extremely fast, 2-4 days anywhere in the world from the date of shipment.

What’s the warranty and repair policy?

One year from the date the headphone was received.  This includes all mechanical parts that make the headphone work sonically.  It does not include damaged paint or finish from use.   It also does not include and damaged parts from misuse or damage to the headphone from being dropped or damaged by the user in any way.  We will repair headphones that fall into this category, but there may be a fee.  Repairs past the first year of use for the original owner will be done at the cost of parts to the original owner.

For repairs to the headphone for non original owners the cost is:

$20 if a part that requires no opening of the headphone chamber needs to be replaced.

$50 if a part that requires opening of the headphone chamber needs to be replaced and or a tuning/retuning of the headphone.

$100 if a single driver needs to be replaced on a Master model or Vibro, 175 on a Blackwood or Omni.

$200 if both drivers need to be replaced on a Master Model or Vibro, and $300 on a Blackwood or Omni.

Any cup refinishing/replacement services or other services that fall under the category of headphone rebuilds will cost 50% of the headphones current listed price at

If one cup needs to be/replaced it will cost 25% of the original headphone purchase price.

All shipping costs will be paid for by the customer.

What’s the Cancellation and return policy?

For All ZMF orders you have 14 days from the date of delivery to to decide if you want the ZMF’s. If you want to return, you must inform me and provide return tracking within those 14 days.  The customer is responsible for all shipping fees.  Returns and warranty service applies for mechanical issues, but not for wear and tear.  This includes any part that makes the headphone play music/sound correctly, but does not apply to finish or parts broken/altered by use of the customer.  Abnormalities in wood or finish are normal, and do not warrant a return or replacement.  All returns due to any mechanical issue that the owner does not want fixed will still cause the order cancellation fee to go into effect.

All returns must be received in the condition they were sold in, with no signs of wear, tampering, opening the cups or removal of the pads.  If they are returned in what I deem as such condition, a fee will be assessed at my discretion.  All accessories, cables, card, pads etc must be returned with the item or a fee will be assessed.  ZMF Headphones is not responsible for items lost in the mail.

For all returns or cancellations there is a 25% order cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is applied after your headphone is ordered, not after it is shipped.  The fee doesn't include shipping costs, and shipping costs will not be returned if the headphone has been shipped.  All orders to the specific customer, this is not a mass produced item, and the fee represents the needed cost to conduct business while still allowing for returns. 

There are no returns on upgrades.  All upgrades are final, but the warranty does renew from the date of the upgrade if the headphone upgraded was originally bought from me.

There are no returns when items are discounted or on sale, b-stock,  or ordered through any other source besides at full list price. There is also no return on t50rp headphones that are provided to ZMF for modification by the owner.  This goes into effect as soon as the order is placed.

All pad, cable, case and accessory orders are final.  50% ($20 USD) of case orders will be returned if the case if returned with a pair of headphones. 

The above terms are subject to change at any time, and the above policies are in effect as of the date of the return, not as of the date of the order.

The ZMF's are a custom hand made to order product and therefore any discrepancies between the ordered product and the assumed product by the customer are not the responsibility of ZMF.

What if I want to change my order?

Any changes can be made within the same model ordered at any time, but any changes that involve different cups used, or woods used, will incur a 25% order cancellation fee,  and a new order will be created using the new cups/model/wood desired for use.  This goes into effect once the initial order is placed.

What’s the wait time for orders?

I make every order for each specific customer, these are not “stock” items and not made for mass distribution.  Please check each items specific order page for wait times.

Can I pick out my cups and can you send me pictures of the build process?

I have done this a couple times, and it slows everything down significantly and isn't fair to other customers who have been waiting for their headphones.  So no, I won't send pictures of cups unless it is of current B-stock on hand, and I won't send pictures of the build process.  You can request pictures of the final product, but we can't guarantee them as we simply don't have time to take pictures of every headphone.

If you would prefer quartersawn or flatsawn wood we usually have a few of each of hand, so please leave a note when ordering which you'd prefer.  I do my best to match the cups closely based on look.


Yes.  As a headphone "luthier" I try my best to accommodate for each individual customer.  Whether you already have a ZMF or are ordering a new one and have a specific request,  I can tune to the best of my ability based on your headphone needs and desires.  Some tuning options will cost extra, while some may not depending on what is requested.  Best to CONTACT US if interested in custom tuning.

I’m having trouble finding exactly what I want on the order page.

Email me!  I probably can do what you want:

How do you ship?

In the USA we use UPS and USPS, for international we use USPS and DHL.  You can select your favorite shipping option at checkout.

What if my headphone was damaged/lost during shipping?

Then file a claim.  Once the package leaves our hands it is no longer our responsibility, I haven’t had a package lost yet though.  Please communicate with me for the best way to get a package to you.

They say the package was delivered but I don’t have it!

Contact the carrier for proof of delivery, and file a claim with them if they cannot prove delivery. If you believe it was stolen, contact the police and forward their report to the carrier. 

Your ordering page is too hard to navigate!

CONTACT US if you have any issues or want advice making a decision, I try hard to make it as simple as possible, but there's a lot of options, so I'm here to help.

I saw your stuff on ebay, is that you?

Yep, if it’s sold under the user name “zach915m,” that’s me.

Do you sell b-stock headphones?

Yes, sometimes, usually they are very minor finish blemishes or repairs, I don't sell sets with sonic problems.  Check the "Order the ZMF" page to see if any are available.  It will be listed as it's own individual item.  Best way to figure out if anything is available is to CONTACT US.

Can I do a group buy, or order multiple pairs for a discount?

By selling direct instead of through distributors I am able to keep my prices very low.  The downside of this is it's very hard to discount them at all.  I am currently not offering any group buy options.  If you are a distributor or dealer please CONTACT US.

Have more questions?  CONTACT US