T50RP w/ZMF Pads

T50RP w/ZMF Pads

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An instant classic, the Fostex t50rp MK III is just as much a modders dream as the MK II.  Utilizing the same driver and cup housing, and a new baffle, the Fostex t50rp can be listened to without modding for remarkable sound and some serious value.

Choose from just the headphone, or add on the ZMF Earpads and Pilot Pad and/or leather band for added comfort and fidelity.

Click "add to cart" and you'll be prompted to choose which variant of the ZMF pads you'd like (Lambskin, Cowhide, Protein Pleather)

Check out this Reddit thread and this reddit thread for some impressions!

Want the pads by themselves?  Click HERE!

Availability:  Ships within 24-48 hours.

When shipped with ZMF Pads these headphones are not returnable.

ZMF Pads?:
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