Atticus. Aeolus.

Dynamic zest and punch.


Speed, skill, and stage.

auteur. Eikon.

Linearity with a sonic boom. 

ZMF Gear

Amps, Cables, Dac’s and more!








The Blackwood’s midrange is made a regular habit of making the most out of the music.
— Steve Guttenberg
The Ori presented me with a finely crafted sense of warmth, that never once dominated its ability to render detail, which it did with an elegance and refinement.
— Warren Chi
I am left with a huge grin and a little bit of confusion how Zach pulls this genius off. The prices are amazing for the sound you get.
— Sonny Trigg
It’s able to present a fantastic level of detail and texture while sounding really fun and enjoyable. Better yet, the ? performs very well on all levels and fronts.
— Cotnijoe
Treble is a unique combination of extension and resolution and without any type of spike or harshness whatsoever. I can listen to the Omni for hours without it ever getting fatiguing or boring. Nothing seems unnatural to my ears. It is a very complete sound
— Hisoundfi
The ZMF x Vibro Mk II is an outstanding headphone. It’s not only beautiful to look at and extremely comfortable. It sounds amazing. There is just something special about a custom headphone.
— bikerboy94