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For the $ you get heirloom headphones with quality wood cups and epic sound. They are *far* from being bass anemic, yet the bass never overstepped their bounds. The mids and vocals were so clear and felt like they had real substance to it without being veiled. The best part was the treble - nowhere near bright yet so clear. These are my perfect and preferred sound signature.
— ProfFalkin @ Head-Fi
I listened to the Atticus and the Eikon out of the same tube amp setup. These are the real deal, and they’re going to be seriously impressive. I still can’t decide which one I like better.
— they_have_bagels @ Reddit

ZMF Atticus and Eikon Package



Atticus/Eikon Package includes:

  • ZMF Eikon, Atticus, or both.
  • Stock Cable.
  • ZMF Eikon Pads on Eikon, Ori pads on Atticus
  • S3 6500 Case.
  • Owners Card.

The Atticus and Eikon are true ZMF Originals, designed from the ground up by ZMF Headphones to be the best headphone possible.

The entire cup enclosure is constructed from solid wood, for a unique and organic sound. 

The Atticus and Eikon use proprietary ZMF drivers that use the highest quality materials with heavy ABS housing, large magnets, and the best TPE and Biocellulose material.

The ZMF Eikon and Atticus are all original and built to last a lifetime. Every part can be easily replaced, and every set comes with a lifetime driver warranty to the original owner.

The ZMF Eikon in Camphor Wood




When I started modifying the t50rp years ago, my dream was just to make a headphone out of wood.  I wanted to combine all the principles I had learned from building acoustic guitars to give headphone enthusiasts (including myself) the same feeling I got when I played an amazing guitar for the first time. Finally, with the Atticus and Eikon I have created a set of headphones that not only looks and feels like a well kept vintage instrument, but possesses the sonic capabilities of well worn musical tools.  These headphones are built to last a lifetime, and possess the aural capabilities to make you feel as if you're in the room with the musicians from your favorite recordings.


From the adjustment risers to the infamous custom ZMF headpads and earpads, the ZMF original dynamics are made to fit each user just right.


A closed, vented design allows owners to listen in peace in any environment.  Leakage and privacy from outside sound is excellent.


Every Atticus and Eikon comes with a Seahorse SE-430 hard-case.  These water-proof, dust-proof and life-proof cases will keep your investment secure.

By utilizing a special, natural, hand-wiped varnish, the Atticus and Eikon will have their wood protected and looking fabulous for years.

Special Drivers. eikonic Sound.

ZMF's custom made drivers are made of premium materials and designed specifically to our house sound.  They feature a heavy ABS housing, huge magnets, rubber surrounding the membrane for perfect dynamic movement. The drivers' 50mm size is ideal for low distortion and fast transients but remain large enough to move the air needed for "oomph." 

We designed the Eikon and Atticus drivers using Biocellulose and TPE respectively.  Biocellulose for its supreme ability to provide a "wall" of sound with a slightly stiffer membrane, and TPE to allow maximum dynamic impact and range with a more traditional design.

Our drivers are pressure fit into our wood baffle sound chambers to provide a super fast response and absolute natural timbre.

THE Talk about ZMF Dynamics @ Head-FI (click)

From left to right:   Camphor, Padauk and Cherry

From left to right:   Camphor, Padauk and Cherry

The ZMF Eikon driver. Meticulously crafted with a biocellulose driver membrane, rubber surround (for ultra low distortion), heavy ABS housing, and super heavy magnets.  (final driver housing will be black)

Weighing in at almost 50g, this is the heaviest dynamic driver I've ever encountered.  It shows in the sound too, with a powerful yet clean sound with an ultra black background. 

Under the rear driver paper are 44 - one mm diameter vents for even air distribution.  This makes for a sonic experience that is never boomy, yet fully musical.

The ZMF Atticus driver. A stiff molded plastic housing, TPE membrane (Thermo-plastic-elastomer), robust magnets and a heavier voice coil for very punchy, dynamic, smooth and fun sound.