Pendant Bundles

Pendant Bundles

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Pendant Bundles!!!

Get a significant discount for ordering the ZMF Pendant with any of our headphones and cables.

To get 15% off any ZMF OCC cable when ordered with a Pendant:

  1. Add any ZMF OCC cable to your cart.

  2. Use code: OCCPENDANT

Pendant: an artistic and musical component intended to match and complement. The ZMF Pendant perfectly matches any ZMF Headphone or other musical device that can be worn on the head.

ZMF Pendant. The only tube amp you’d ever need for full sized dynamic and planar headphones, as well as portables and even IEM’s! Yes - it’s THAT quiet!

Pendant was designed in collaboration with to make a headphone amp that not only perfectly matches any ZMF, but also any headphone on the planet. It has the right size and capability to be your only headphone amp. Utilizing the 12au/t/x7 tubes, the Pendant outputs 30, 70, or 100 percent (respectively) of its gain based on the tube used for the optimal output for any headphone, along with the ability to use the entire volume knob range if desired.

  • High and Low-Z outputs. 8 ohms and 300 ohms for use with virtually any high end headphone

  • EL84 drivers, 12au/t/x7 input, 6CA4 rectifier tubes

  • 3 Watts @ 8 ohms & 2.5 Watts @ 300 ohm

  • Matte Black or custom wood chassis (base)

  • Custom choke for dead quiet sound reproduction

  • Optional Vintage tube set

    • Vintage EL84

    • Vintage 6CA4

    • Vintage 12au7, 12at7 and 12ax7

NOTE: Vintage tubes may include a variety of vintage tubes that are picked by us to get the best sound possible from your Pendant.

NOTE: The Pendant bundle is priced with stock wood only. If you’re interested in a bundle with LTD woods please email us.

Shipping ETA - In stock.

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