A&S Mogwai SE

A&S Mogwai SE

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Ampsandsound Mogwai Special Edition - IN STOCK

Literally the "latest and greatest" from ampsandsound. The Mogwai SE is a  output transformer coupled, SET, zero feedback tube amp that has the power to drive any headphone on earth while maintaining the finesse and deftness to handle ZMF's dynamic headphones with the utmost of brilliance. 

With 1.6 watts @ 32 ohms and 2.8 watts of power at 300 ohms you're going to want to put a parka on for a storm of power.  Where we were most impressed was with the remarkable "tone" that ampsandsound has nailed in all their amps.  Extension on the bottom and top is effortless and powerful, and the mids are full, creamy and luxurious. 

The Mogwai SE is our favorite tube amp to date as it simply does everything a headphone could ever need.

  • 8, 32 and 300 ohm headphone outs

  • 8 ohm speaker taps

  • Dual RCA ins with the option to add an input transformer on one or both inputs

  • Walnut Base

  • Optional Input Transformer

  • Optional Coupling Cap upgrade

  • KT66/77/88 or EL34/6l6GC type Power tubes, 6sl7 inout tube and 5u4g rectification

Mini Review by DUNKYBOY on Head-Fi with Eikon


Current stock model: Stock version w/upgrade caps and Loaded Mogwai SE


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