Metrum Pavane (Level 3)

Metrum Pavane (Level 3)


IN STOCK - Black - Level 3

One of the greatest DAC's ever made, as it's musicality and detail retrieval are unsurpassed, the Pavane is a true end game piece.  No longer do you need to trade natural organic timbre for a loss in detail, it's simply all there.  This DAC makes the most of your set-up, bar none.

Note:  All Pavane's are now the same as the Adagio except without the pre-amp.  Previously known as the "Pavane Level 3."

From Metrum:

Cees Ruijtenberg finalized the Pavane by utilizing a new R2R dac chip designed by Metrum Acoustics. Behind the luxurious front more than just new chips are concealed: The parallel driven R2R ladder networks as used as eight DAC modules driving our FPGA-driven "forward correction module", to a higher level. This module splits up the audio samples for each channel into new separate data streams. The result of this process is an extremely high linearity, right down to -140 dB, which gives the Pavane a realistic 24 bit dynamic range. Due to the dual mono design over the entire frequency range an extremely high channel separation of 120 dB is realized. This contributes to the flawless positioning of instruments.

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