Decware CSP MK III

Decware CSP MK III

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The Decware CSP 3 is our OTL tube amp of choice, it’s liquid dynamic sound has impact, forward mids and musicality in spades.  After meeting Steve Deckert (owner of Decware) and seeing the similarities between our businesses I became even more excited and invested in promoting his products.  Now you can buy the CSP3 on our site and get a matching base for your ZMF Headphone.

The CSP3 is an OTL amp that features two powerful headphone outs as well as a terrific pre-amp.  The amp is warm and detailed with a wonderful liquid nature to the mids and resounding bass impact.  The treble is fast and extends forever.  The output impedance is 60 ohms and will make any 100+ ohm headphone sound as good as it possibly can.

Often overlooked, one of the greatest features of the CSP3 is the pre-amp.  Many times at headphone shows I have taken the CSP out of the chain with a solid state amp to demo it's capabilities, only for the listener to claim that the solid state amp has "lost it's magic."  Really that's what the CSP3 does,  add magic to anything it touches.  

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