Metrum Amethyst

Metrum Amethyst



My personal favorite DAC in the 1K range, it's really in our opinion a "mini-adagio" of sorts.  Like the flagship of the Metrum line, the Amethyst sports a weighty sound with a vast soundstage along with their signature organic NOS sound.  This DAC/AMP really is the pinnacle of what you'd want out of a headphone amp/dac for the price and I'm proud that we offer it!

From Metrum:

The Amethyst is our new entry model using our praised "forward correction technology" . Due to this technology a real 24 bits performance is realized and probably the most advanced way to give R2R technology new dimensions. As a result music will be more exiting as details on very low levels will be audible. The Amethyst can meet the best systems today in terms of sound quality as it borrows all the good things from our top models Pavane and Adagio. In addition we have implemented a new and powerful headphone amplifier having its own volume control.

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