LTD Eikon + Atticus

LTD Eikon + Atticus

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LIMITED TO 20 SETS (14 remaining)

EIKON - /ˈaɪˌkɑn/ - A likeness; an image; an effigy; a powerful combination of information, analytics and dynamic elegance.

Atticus  (aed ae kihss) Classic and Elegant.

Cocobolo is a prized wood with rare beauty and great density for quick transients and impact-ful sound. This current batch we got in has a deep brick red color with a holographic depth to the wood. We love the way Cocobolo brings our closed headphones to life!

We paired this heavier wood with our Auteur chassis to save on weight, which is approx 550-600g.

This Limited Edition run is limited to 20 units, which will be individually numbered on each owner’s card. 


  • ZMF Eikon or Atticus Headphone

  • Auteur Headband Chassis

  • ZMF Pads

  • Gloss Lacquer Finish

  • Stock with optional Upgrade Cable

  • Seahorse Case

  • Owners Card

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NOTE:  If choosing an upgrade cable, you will receive the stock cable as well.   Only one discounted upgrade cable and/or Eikon/Atticus can be purchased as a bundle with your Auteur. All atmos C braided cables come with a ZMF splitter and black sleeving.

Check if ZMF’s are available in your region on our dealers page.

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