Pre-Order Bundles

Pre-Order Bundles

from 1,999.99

Pre-Order: 11/16/2018 - 10AM EST

Vérité and aeolus

With our pre-order bundles, you can get any ZMF Headphone as an accompaniment to your aeolus or Vérité at an added discount!

All bundles are stock woods only.


  1. One upgrade cable per bundle as max. Comes with one stock cable per headphone.

  2. Vérité comes with LTD case, all others with Seahorse case.

  3. Stock wood options only. LTD models must be purchased separately.

  4. Both headphones must be shipped to same owner, no warranty transfers or dual warranty’s to two different owners.

  5. Bundle discounts are non-returnable.

NOTE:  If choosing an upgrade cable, you will receive the stock cable as well.  Only one discounted upgrade cable can be purchased as a bundle with your headphones. All upgrade cables come with a ZMF splitter and either black sleeving or bare wire. All upgrade cable lengths are 5.5 FT.

Ship date: ASAP - Q1 2019

ZMF has dealers throughout the world, see our dealers page.

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