Vérité LTD

Vérité LTD

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Pre-Order: 11/16/2018 - 10AM EST

LTD Edition Pheasantwood - 11 Units remain

We came upon a batch of Pheasantwood that I fell in love with immediately. Similar to Wenge in that it’s a very hard wood, but with huge pores with reddish/yellow resin deposits that give the wood a speckled stripey look with great contrasted grain. The sound is deeper, punchier, and smoother than the Silk Vérité, and I love it! If you want a smooth, super-fast headphone, Pheasantwood is for you.

Weight: Approx 477g

Vérité - ˌ/veriˈtā/

Vérité is a term often used in film and television as a style that emphasizes reality, naturalism, and a sense of truth. With the Vérité, ZMF has created a headphone that brings the ultimate truth to audio.  With the utmost speed, accuracy, and heightened dynamic range, the Vérité will immerse the listener in a truly revealing audio eden. With an all new Beryllium coated PEN driver unique to ZMF, a featherweight magnesium chassis, and our most complex acoustic design yet, the Vérité gives you everything you’ve ever wanted from an open, full sized headphone.

Enjoy your own personal audio Vérité.


  • ZMF OFC Cable

  •    Universe Pads and Vérité pads

  • Choice of Black Aluminum, Brass or Polished Steel Grilles

  • Lifetime Driver Warranty

  • ZMF LTD Mahogany Case

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New pictures with final chassis will be posted shortly.

NOTE:  If choosing an upgrade cable, you will receive the stock cable as well.  Only one discounted upgrade cable can be purchased as a bundle with your Vérité. All upgrade cables come with a ZMF splitter and either black sleeving or bare wire. All upgrade cable lengths are 5.5 FT.

Ship date: ASAP - Q1 2019

ZMF has dealers throughout the world, see our dealers page.

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