Used, B-Stock, One Offs

Used, B-Stock, One Offs

from 1,149.99

The ZMF one off, demo and b stock sale! Check back as we add more headphones from now until the end of 2018!

If a set is still listed it’s available! We will update this page continuously.

Browse the photo's of each headphone and then make your selection in the drop-down menu that corresponds with the text on each photo.  If the set if listed, it's still for sale.

Each set is of varying age, condition, and usage,  Below are general notes:

  • auteur Black Limba 2 - Highly Figured wood. NEW.

  • auteur Blackwood - Show demo, wood knot (minor), minor use.

  • auteur Blackwood 1 - Used, finish wear.

  • auteur Blackwood 2 - Used, light wear, DARK color.

  • auteur Cocobolo - Finish checking in wood, minor and stable, nice cup match.

  • auteur Cocobolo 2 - NEW, Cups slightly off color and grain, still nice wood.

  • auteur Mahogany - Used Prototype, pretty stain.

  • auteur Oak - New, slight fill around grille, hard to see.

  • auteur Padauk 1 - used demo, light wear.

  • auteur Padauk 2 - used demo, light wear.

  • auteur Padauk 4 - NEW, Beautiful set, Brushed Aluminum!

  • auteur Silk 1 - cups are egg shaped, shrunk slightly. As new.

  • auteur Silk 2 - New, slight finish marks. Silver grille.

  • auteur Teak - Filled void, nice set! Slight handling.

  • auteur Pheasantwood - NEW, Varnish, nice deep color.

  • auteur Walnut 3 - Figured/Flitch, NEW, very nice.

  • auteur Queensland Maple - NEW, Nice color!

  • Eikon Blackwood - NEW, light handling, gloss finish. Lighter than picture shows. Very nice!

  • Atticus Blackwood - New, light handling, matte finish, lighter than picture shows. Nice!

All sets listed above may have less or more cosmetic issues than described.  We will not be responsible for any further cosmetic issues than stated and all models are sold as is with no returns.  Each headphone comes with a stock cable, owners card and optional case. There is no warranty on cosmetic defects, but each headphone driver is warranted for the lifetime of the product to the original owner.


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