Eikon + Atticus

Eikon + Atticus

from 2,099.99

Can't decide which ZMF dynamic headphone to get?  Order both for a discount!


  • ZMF Eikon Biocellulose Driver Dynamic Headphone
  • ZMF Atticus TPE Driver Dynamic Headphone
  • Eikon Pads on Eikon, Ori pads on Atticus
  • Lambskin headband padding
  • Natural hand applied varnish
  • Stock Cable x 2 + FREE ZMF OFC CABLE
  • S3 6500 Case for each headphone
  • Owners Card

NOTE:  The ZMF dynamic headphones come stock with a hand wiped varnish for a handmade, heirloom type feel.  If you'd like a more "factory" like smooth sprayed finish, please leave a note at checkout.

NOTE:  The Atticus + Eikon duo comes with one free OFC cable.  Please leave a note at checkout specifying you desired termination.

Ships in 2-3 weeks.

Additional Wood note: All ZMF's are made of Solid wood.  As such, each set of headphone will use carefully selected kiln dried stock and wood appearance may vary.   If you have specific requests please add them as a note at checkout.  We cannot guarantee any request but will try to accommodate your aesthetic preferences.

Duo Atticus + Eikon orders must be ordered by and shipped to the same person.

To order in Singapore visit our dealers page.

Atticus Wood:
Eikon Wood:
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