Eikon + Atticus

Eikon + Atticus

from 2,099.99

Can't decide which ZMF dynamic headphone to get?  Order both for a discount!


  • ZMF Eikon Biocellulose Driver Dynamic Headphone
  • ZMF Atticus TPE Driver Dynamic Headphone
  • Eikon Pads on Eikon, Ori pads on Atticus
  • Lambskin headband padding
  • Natural hand applied varnish
  • Stock Cable x 2
  • S3 6500 Case for each headphone
  • Owners Card and Manual

NOTE:  The ZMF dynamic headphones come stock with a hand wiped varnish for a handmade, heirloom type feel.  If you'd like a more "factory" like smooth sprayed finish, please leave a note at checkout.

Ships in 6-12 weeks.

To order in Indonesia, Thailand, or Singapore visit our dealers page.

Atticus Wood:
Eikon Wood:
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