ZMF Atmos C

ZMF Atmos C

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The ZMF Atmos C copper litz headphone cable. This is a 105 strand nylon insulated portable 5n copper litz wire.  At just 4mm wide braided this is a nice light, compact wire with very small strands to pack a full 420 strands into this 4 wire cable.   The litz copper adds resolution, ease of presentation, and atmospheric staging over stock cables and looks really nice while doing it.  

  • 4 to 6.5 foot length (same cost)

  • All cables are sleeved

  • ZMF mini aluminum splitter

  • ZMF Pleather Cable Bag

Coming soon - Atmos S!

NOTE: If ordering custom sleeving leave a note at checkout with a link or description of the sleeving color you’d like.

Cables are custom made to order and will either ship with your headphones if also ordered or in approx 1-3 weeks.

International Customers (outside USA):  USPS first class is $14.99 for shipping, but takes 1-6 weeks for delivery, maybe longer and tracking is not reliable.  Please use DHL if you need your cable quickly.  See our FAQ page for more shopping info.

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