Most headphones are made for a mass audience. The ZMF’s are made for you.
— Zach Mehrbach, Owner - ZMF Headphones

ZMF x Vibro in Merlot

ZMF Headphones creates custom orthodynamic headphones for the discerning audiophile who requires the best with a personal touch. Founded in 2012, ZMF Headphones has been building an array of orthodynamic headphones created utilizing the Fostex t50rp driver. By implementing wood cups, high production tolerances, and handmade quality, each headphone is a work of art. Instead of taking a mass market approach, ZMF Headphones tailors each headphone to the individual customer. Without middle-men, you get a personalized headphone at the best price.

The small shop headphone builder

ZMF Master Model in Custom Matte Braunviolet

One thing I pride the ZMF's on is the ability to cater a headphone to the individual.  Each headphone is made by hand to order based on specifications and requests made by the future owner.  This has a number of advantages to mass produced headphones:

  • You get the headphone you want, and if something about the sound isn't what you expected, send it back for a free re-tune based on your tastes.


  • Great quality control and channel matching.  The better the L/R channels are matched in a headphone the better it will sound.  All ZMF's go through rigorous burn in and testing before being sent to the end user.
  • Custom aesthetic options and colors are available.  Don't see something you want, let me know and I'll do my best to make your headphone vision come to life.
  • Without distributors it allows direct communication, and a much lower price than if a distributor or retailer was involved.  The price to performance ratio is very high. You get a headphone straight from the source, a fellow audiophile.


  • You end up with an heirloom quality product that is produced for you, in the fashion you desire, that will last forever.