You may be asking yourself, why is a headphone modifier/manufacturer writing a blog?  It must certainly be propaganda, and I won’t read it!  Well, nothing is truly completely objective, but here’s why I am going to write what I am going to write:

I want to answer the questions that are asked of me through email on a reoccurring basis, and cover topics that interest me so that ZMF owners, potential buyers, and headphone lovers in general can read my thoughts and experiences through making the ZMF headphone line-up.  This will both cut down on my email answering time, and be much more informative for audiophile’s and potential ZMF owners.

So yeah it’s pretty straight-forward stuff, and you have probably heard similar and/or conflicting opinions and thoughts elsewhere.  So if you disagree with me please don’t send me a scathing email!  You’re probably right!  Thanks for your time and thanks for reading!


Zach Mehrbach