ZMF Suede Earpads

ZMF Suede Earpads

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ZMF Suede Earpads.  Easily the softest and most luxorious earpad we offer!   This is a vegan earpad with lush micro suede faux leather.  This earpad breaths ever so slightly, with a slight reduction in mid-bass compared to leather earpads.   Put these on and these ear pillows will fade away as you will ease into the comfort of your headphones.

On the Atticus and Eikon these will reduce mid bass while accentuating treble slightly.  Not Recommended on the Auteur. 

Eikon Pad size:  4.37" Diameter (111 mm)

Ear Cavity: 2.83 x 2.007 in (72 x 51 mm)

Tallest height: 1.07 (27mm)" Shortest Height:  3/4" (19mm)

Ori pad size:   Outer Dimensions:  4.1" Diamater (104mm)

Ear cavity: 2.75 x 2 in (70 x 50 mm)

Thick angled side:  1.15" (29mm) Thin Angled Side.8"  (22mm)

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