ZMF Oval Earpads

ZMF Oval Earpads



ZMF has created the ultimate oval earpads for comfort, sound, durability and aesthetics.  Try them on the ZMF's or your favorite headphone, as the ZMF pads will fit most full sized cans, be it oval or round. Sold in pairs.


Oval Pad dimensions:

Outer Dimensions:  4.5" x 4" Inner Dimensions (earhole):  2.875" x 2.175"   

Thick angled side:  1.5" Thin Angled Side: .75"

Cowhide:  Driver sits furthest from the ear, has thickest material.  Darker tone, flattens treble peaks.

Lambskin: Most neutral tone.  Medium driver distance from ear.

Protein: Closest distance from driver to ear.  Slight bright tilt to frequency response, linear.  Eggshell protein.

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