Ori Pads

Ori Pads



ZMF Ori pads are our smaller round earpad.  The Ori pads use premium 6 LB visco foam, thick natural lambskin leather, and a flexible "ring" for attachment to your favorite round shaped headphone.  These earpads flex easily because of the sturdy attachment ring, so they will attach to most headphones.Sold in pairs.

Ori Pad Dimensions: (currently only in Lambskin)

Outer Dimensions:  4.1" Diamater (104mm)

Ear cavity: 2.75 x 2 in (70 x 50 mm)

Thick angled side:  1.15" (29mm) Thin Angled Side: .8"  (22mm)

NOTE: Fits Hifiman, Fostex TH Series and others.

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