ZMF Upgrade

ZMF Upgrade

from 200.00

Note:  Discounts and coupons are not available for ZMF Upgrades as our prices are already as low as we can make them for the upgrade program.


  1.  Select the appropriate upgrade below. Select whether you want a ZMF cable or case with your upgrade.

  2.  Checkout - pay for the upgrade.

  3.  Receive email with a coupon code which will allow you to order the headphone you are upgrading to at no extra cost.  You will use that coupon to check out again to order your selected model, and input your options and customizations.  the email will also include the address to ship your headphones to.  This email will be sent within 24 hours of your upgrade purchase, usually much sooner.

  4. Use coupon code.  You will have to pay the appropriate shipping cost.

  5. Ship your ZMF's!

NOTE:  If not upgrading to a Vibro just select "NO" for burst finish.

NOTE:  All ZMF Upgrades come with a stock cable.  You will select the needed cable during checkout, after you receive your upgrade code.

NOTE:  You will be sent a link to the ZMF upgrade spreadsheet, where you can live track the position in the queue, as well as the progress of your upgrade once started.

All upgrades are final and not returnable.  Approximate turn-around time is the date your headphones are received by ZMF Headphones + the shipping time as listed on the product page of the ZMF Headphone you are upgrading to.

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