Padauk LTD Sale

Padauk LTD Sale

from 429.99

Available only until the end of November is this limited edition African Padauk Vibro MK II and Blackwood model closed ZMF Headphone.

We've found the use of hardwoods for the Vibro MK II really accentuates a firm "foundation" to it's sonic capabilities, making the Vibro MK II a fantastic value. 

For the Blackwood model, Padauk large pores and slightly softer density than African Blackwood add some decay and slight warmth.

By selling these models with less custom options as part of our yearly November sale we are able to offer them at great prices.  Thank you!


  • ZMF Padauk Vibro MK II or Blackwood
  • Old Iron Powder-coated sliders
  • ZMF Earpads
  • ZMF Leather band or Pilot Pad
  • Stock Cable
  • Optional Seahorse Case
Seahorse Case?:
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