ZMF Decware Taboo MKIV

ZMF Decware Taboo MKIV

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The Decware "Zen" Taboo has a special place in my heart both sonically and sentimentally.  It was the first "good" tube amp I owned after hearing it for the first time at a head-fi meet.  There are other great tube amps out there, but the zen taboo MK IV sounds "just-right" with every listen. 

Utilizing a proprietary UFO transformer the Taboo boasts a full 1.7 watts of power from 50 ohms on up giving it the capability to drive any and every headphone with ease, linearity and musicality.  

Furthermore, the Taboo also utilizes Decware's proprietary "Lucid Mode," this modern cross-feed system allows the user to dial in the exact amount of "staging" needed by using a knob for infinite choices.  Don't worry, the amp sounds just as good without Lucid mode activated.  The Taboo also drives efficient speakers with a set of speaker taps.

I have found the Taboo to be an exceptional match with hard to drive planars, low and high impedance dynamics and everything in between.  It's a special amp and is a true end game for tube lovers.

ZMF Decware Taboo MK IV Features:

  • Special ZMF Engraved Base (logo on bottom)
  • Base in Camphor, Cherry or Padauk
  • Optional ZMF Picked Tube Compliment (options shortly)

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Made to order, wait time varies, ships from Decware. The added cost for the custom ZMF Base is added into the price. 

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Note:  ZMF Tube Upgrade Options will be available shortly as I am concluding testing, but it will most likely include a Mullard or Sylvania 6bq7a input tube or a 3 MICA 6N1P and a Shuguang Western Electric 274B or NOS Sylvania 5931 Rectifier.  


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