A&S Kenzie Encore

A&S Kenzie Encore

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Ampsandsound Kenzie Encore - IN STOCK ships immediately, CLOSEOUT PRICE!

A true tone monster. This is our favorite amp when looking for magical midrange and a punchy tight bass and pure treble.  A perfect size for a computer desktop tube amp, the Kenzie Encore serves as a fantastic transformer coupled SET headphone amp and pre-amp. 

The Encore will drive most headphones with ease, finesse and sonic soul.  Careful when listening to the encore with certain genre's of music, as the mids may through your mind into drool inducing state of bliss.  The encore is the purest tone we've ever heard with a level of engagement that is unrivaled.

  • 32 (250mW) and 300 ohm (450mW) headphone outs

  • RCA Pre-Amp Outs

  • Dual RCA inputs

  • Walnut Base

  • 1626 Power Output Tubes

  • 12SL7 Input Tube

Deluxe version adds upgraded coupling caps and input transformers.

Current stock model: Stock version w/upgrade caps

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